Large hall

Enjoy the scenery of the Japanese garden while you dine

The large hall with 72 tatami mats can be reserved for use as a private room or banquet hall. This is the large hall, a dining hall used for customers dining but not staying the night or as a breakfast space for overnight guests. Guests can enjoy the Japanese garden’s scenery at their leisure through a large glass window.

Private stone sauna and aesthetic salon

The inn has a private stone sauna and an aesthetic salon
(available by reservation).

A stone sauna is a health practice in which the far infrared rays, negative ions and radon gas cause a hormetic effect. This warms a person’s body to the core and causes profuse sweating, which activates his or her cells and increases natural human healing powers. The stone saunas in this inn are in private rooms, so guests can enjoy them in a relaxed space.

Private facial aesthetic salon
This is an aesthetic salon specializing in facial courses. To regenerate skin, it has a selection of high-quality skin care products, and a therapist inspects the customer’s skin while massaging it and then puts on the finishing touches.

Ciel de Marie
Psychologically soothing aesthetic treatment that makes customers feel like princesses
Various types of care are possible in the aesthetic room. This is a royal aesthetic treatment that refreshes and relaxes the body and mind and delights people seeking luxurious beauty.

Chiropractic and aesthetic salon

Aizuki Komachi

Japanese restaurant on site

There is a Japanese restaurant on site.
Hours: 11 am - 5 pm (last orders at 3 pm)