Fine-quality water that is gentle on skin

Each room has a hot spring bath with a different charm. There are various kinds of rooms, some with stone saunas and or outdoor baths. In the large common bath area, which is separated into men’s and women’s sections, there are indoor stone baths, Japanese cypress baths and outdoor baths. Relax and take your time in the hot spring baths, which will give you a feeling of freedom and openness.

About Seiryuan’s hot springThis inn’s hot spring is a simple hot spring, and its water is said to be good for nerve pain and muscle soreness. The water is also good for sensitivity to cold and postpartum recovery.

Name: Akizuki Onsen
Spring quality: alkaline simple hot spring
Efficacy: neuralgia, muscle pain, joint pain, recovery from fatigue, etc.
Spring temperature: 31°C (heated to the optimal bathing temperature)

Separate large common baths for men and women

Large common bath for men Genjino-yu

The indoor bath area includes a Japanese cypress bath and beyond a large window there is an outdoor bath.

Large common bath for women Sikibuno-yu

There are indoor stone bath, Japanese cypress bath and outdoor bath.

All guest rooms come with private hot spring bath.

There are hot spring baths of different designs in the guest rooms. Before making a reservation, choose the room type that best suits your situation and preference — such as one with a stone sauna or one with an outdoor bath. Guests staying with us may use the large common bath whenever you like.